Friday, September 13, 2013

September Swap

Next Sunday, September 22, from 1 to 2:30, we'll be meeting up over at McIntire Park to swap our home made, home grown and foraged for items.  As it costs a significant amount of money to reserve a shelter at McIntire, we take our chances on what's open and set up wherever we can.  Just keep your eyes peeled for a group of folks with lots of jars out.  We'll try to post a sign too.

In the past, we've had all assortments of items being swapped.  Eggs, home made bread, garden produce, jams, pickles, relishes, sauces, soap, lavender wands, herb salts, kombucha, scobies- as long as it's home made, home grown or foraged for, it's swappable.

See you there!